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 Every Week You'll Receive One Pre-Recorded Consultation Call with Sigafoose Directly To Your Member's Area. Grow as a Chiropractor, Grow as a Person, Grow As a Business.
    In Addition to Weekly Coaching Audio Files, You'll Receive
     All of Our Digital Brochures and Infographics
     All 7 of Our Patient Education Videos
     Higher Grounds Videos
    Patient Education Powerpoint
     The Best of Sigafoose the Great Audio
      10 Hours with Sigafoose Audio
     BJ's Green Books with Sigafoose Audio
     Overcoming Fear Through Meditation and Visualization Audio
     Sigafoose at Red Deer Audio
     Good Medicine Audio
     Billy the Life Cell and The Big Mysterious World Cartoons
     The Principal is Alive and Well
     30 Days to a New Practice in a New Life
     BJ's Fame and Fortune and Practical Procedures
     Abundance for Chiropractors by James Sigafoose E-book
     Good Medicine by James Sigafoose E-book
     Catch the Lightning by James Sigafoose E-book
     The CA Handbook by James Sigafoose E-book
     Wisdom from Sigafoose by James Sigafoose E-book
     Exclusive Content - 28 Day Healthy Weight Loss Program
     Exclusive Content - Referral Marketing Campaign
     $15,000 Value
Sigafoose Weekly is a monthly subscription that provides coaching by Dr. James Sigafoose
 every week.
Membership Is ONLY $99/Month
Membership fee is charged every 30 days. Cancel at any time.
What They're Saying

Dr. Isaac Murphy

"I cannot tell you how grateful I am for what you've done with Sigafoose Weekly and how much this has helped me as a new practitioner. I graduated last year with no certainty in my abilities and no plan of action, just fumbling around. I cannot say enough about how much my practice has grown with the words of wisdom from Jame Sigafoose in Sigafoose Weekly. I cannot thank you enough for putting this program together. This program will change your life."

Dr. Jordan Bowen

"Sigafoose Weekly has changed my life and the life of my office. I never had the opportunity to listen to the late Dr. Sigafoose live. Sigafoose Weekly is the next best thing. This program has opened my eyes to chiropractic and what we do in a way only he could present it. What Dr. Carey Sigafoose has been able to do with his father’s consultation calls is amazing. Even better than listening to a call live is the fact that if you miss something that is said, you can go back and re-listen to the talk. I have found that these consultation calls are as relevant now as when he was on the call. I listen to them and it sounds like he is talking directly to my situations. It isn’t just fun to listen to from a historical perspective as some other talks may be or insightful as to what they were dealing with back then. If you listen to these calls and do what is said, you can not help but have a successful practice."

Dr. Ken Cooper

"I cannot begin to express my gratitude for Sigafoose Weekly keeping the teachings of Dr. Sigafoose alive and well! There have been many times since I began my subscription that I would run into a roadblock or stall, or my numbers for the week would drop. As soon as I re-center myself by listening to one of the consultation calls or recordings, and doing immediately what Dr. Sigafoose asks us to do in that day’s exercises, everything becomes clearer and my numbers go up almost immediately! The more that I make listening to Sig and doing my “homework” a daily exercise, the more that my practice has grown, the more energy I have to serve, the more miracle stories begin to come out of my patients! The wisdom of Sigafoose is timeless and as applicable today as when Sig originally recorded these programs!"

Dr. Eric Galloway

"The Sigafoose system works. I’ve now been a full member for over 2 years and I continue to dig deeper into the depths of Dr. Sigafoose’s philosophy. This is pure chiropractic philosophy and a continuation of BJ’s principles. I continue to study these audios, most of them repeatedly... and I’ve tried my best to implement Dr. Sigafoose’s teachings. With this system - you will learn how to connect man the spiritual with man the physical through the power of a specific loving chiropractic adjustment. You will learn how to be a clear vessel that leaves all else behind while you focus on correcting subluxations and teaching about the power of the body’s innate healing intelligence. Learn to live with faith, and without fear. Learn that you must also WORK toward service in this life - it takes more than faith alone. Learn that you can, and do, create the life of your intention. Learn how to be a better you by applying these principles of giving loving service without attachment to outcome - to all areas of your life. ‘Get The Big Idea and all else follows’... and this a direct tap to continually reconnect yourself to the Source. Thank you Dr. Carey Sigafoose for preserving and sharing this timeless message that your dad always so eloquently explained."
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